Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cutoms for the Munny Munth contest!

My 2 submissions for Kidrobots Munny contest going on this month. If you dig them head on over to the contest website and "like" them! Here's a link ot them which are about half way down the page.


First i paid homage to one of my all time favorite movies, This Island Earth, with a munny version of the Metaluna Mutant and the other is a Hawaiian tiki guy named Bruhduh. Hope you dig them!

Metaluna Munny



1 comment:

Dave Crosland said...

Man, these are crazy awesome! I have to admit, between these, the custom Angel you gave me, and Food One's Beat Bee sculpture, I feel like it's about time I got into this vinyl figure game!

Keep up the rad work, Bill.